MLM Industry Proposals


Network Information System (NIS) is an integrated system designed to fulfill the needs of distributor and the company.
Our NIS is designed using web-based orientation so that it can be used and accessed from anywhere with any device capable of accessing the internet.
NIS is using encryption software to ensure the safety of information flow and ground based on UNIX operating system that has been proven for its speed and safety.
NIS Interface is made as easy as possible so that users do not have to learn much to use it.

proposal_hqHeadquarter Module is the heart of Network Information System.
This module is intended to handle all matter relating to company’s operations such as distributor management, branches management, real time turnover and bonus calculation, finance reports, and various other comprehensive reporting systems
This module allows the owner and CEO’s to conduct real—time company performance supervision so the management can make appropriate decisions in accordance with current state. This module is secured via SSL and multiple security layers to ensure the security.

– Distributor Management
– Branches Management
– Products Management
– News Management
– Support System Management
– Real Time Turnover Calculation
– Real Time Bonus Calculation
– Finance and Financial Report
– Inventory Control

** Taxes module is not included.
***Please contact our marketing staff for more information.

proposal_branchBranch Module is the bridge between company and distributor.
This module handles new member registration, product selling, product ordering from headquarter, warehousing, and financial reports on each branches.
This module allows branch manager or an authorized staff to access detailed information on business development of a leader or distributor. This information can be used by branch offices to provide information and motivation for the distributor or leader.
This module is secured via SSL and multiple security layers to ensure the security.

– New Member Registration
– Product Sales
– Product Purchasing
– Warehousing
– Inventory Check
– Sales and Purchasing Reports
– General Ledger
– Distributor Development Report

proposal_distributorDistributor Information System (DIS) is an integrated system for the distributor to view and take any action related to their business. This module contains member registration facility (for companies that do not have a stockiest or branch office), check the network condition, turnover, bonuses, location of meetings, news, etc. in real time anywhere and anytime.
DIS is designed such that it can be opened quickly by all the mobile phones which have internet access GPRS minimal and very easy to learn and to use by the entire community.
We build the DIS with orientation to sales, profit sharing, and information network for the Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing companies.
For Network Marketing companies, we build DIS with orientation to product knowledge and product suggestion for certain health problem.

– Real Time Turnover and Bonus Info
– Online Member Registration
– Print Slip Bonus
– Real Time Network Map
– Download Real Time Network List
– News
– Stockiest List
– Meetings List
– Product Info
– Products Calculator
– Rank Calculator Expert System
– Charts of Network Development

proposal_ssThis module is intended for members who joined support system to check their qualifications for reward in the respective system support. Distributors can monitor the condition or amount of the subscribed information package (Network Education Tools Program), news about the support system, and also register distributors who want to join the support system.

– Network Education Tools Registration
– News
– Events Viewer
– Real Time Qualification Calculator