Corporate Proposals


Corporate Information System (CIS) is an integrated system designed to meet the operational needs of companies; both networking companies based as well as conventional companies.
CIS is designed using web-based orientation that can be used and accessed from anywhere with any device capable of accessing the internet.
SCI is made with ground-based UNIX operating system that has been reliability proven for its speed and safety. SCI interface is made as easy as possible so that users do not have to learn much to use it.

proposal_hqHeadquarter module is the heart of the CIS. This module is intended for corporate headquarters to regulate all matters relating to operations such as personnel management, management of all branch offices, the calculation of turnover and real-time profit, real-time calculation of employee bonuses (if needed), finance reports and various comprehensive reporting systems **, news management, etc.
This module allows the leaders of company headquarters to conduct real-time supervision of company activities in in Indonesia or worldwide *** so that the management will not be busy with various things related to corporate performance reports for CIS has provided them in real-time instantly.

– Employees Management
– Branch Offices Management
– Product Data Management
– News Management
– Turnover Real-time Calculation
– Finance and Financial Reports
– Inventory control

** Taxes module is not included.
***Please contact our marketing staff for more information.

proposal_branchBranch module is the bridge between companies and customers or the public.
This module handles matters relating to the registration of a new customer or client, product sales to customers, ordering products to the headquarter office, warehouse stock check, and financial reports of the concerned branches.
This module also allows the head of a branch or the authorized staff to access detailed information about business developments at that branch. The information can be used by the head of a branch or the authorized staff to provide training and motivation for employees at that branch.

– New customer registration (if needed)
– Products sales
– Products purchase
– Warehouse stock check
– Warehouse stock report
– Sales reports
– Purchase reports
– Ledger
– Branch development reports

proposal_distributorAlthough CIS system is accessed via internet, it is a completely isolated system that only top management selected employee can access it. On the other hand, company’s public website ( will need many data from CIS databases. This is where Customer Integrated Information Module (CIIM) comes into play.
Customer Integrated Information Module (CIIM) is a collection of various Advanced Programming Interface (API) that act as a bridge between CIS with the company’s public website. The company’s website can access many data such as collections, product type, price, and availability of items in a particular branch.
Through the CIIM, the company’s website can also be developed so that it can accept appointment, etc. In accordance with its function as a bridge to the company’s website, the CIIM is strictly designed so that the data security in CIS is fully guaranteed.

– Bridge to products information
– Bridge to appointment information
– Bridge to any data that top management see fit to be shared with public