About Us

about_trustTraverse Soft was founded in 2008 with the philosophy of becoming your Trustworthy Business Partner. In every work relationship, we always maintain a solid mutual relationship with our partners.
Our focus is to develop and optimize the use of the software and hardware technology to streamline the company’s operating costs and increase corporate profits by taking strategic steps considered by the company’s partners based on customers data.

Traverse Soft is headquartered in Bandung and has a solid team that consists of 10 specialists, including the field of optimization of UNIX based servers and its applications servers, database optimization, tree structure network optimization, web design, web based programming and windows based programming.


Traverse Soft deals specifically with software for network marketing corporates and conventional companies. Our product covers information systems for headquarters, branch offices, and all other divisions. All modules are specifically made in accordance with the needs of their respective companies.


Traverse Soft is engaged in the provision of services, settings, and hardware repair (servers, modems, etc.) both for companies that use our software applications and other companies.


Supported by specialized staff in the field of networking, Traverse Soft offers server and networking installation for companies that have large quantity of computers.